Quality Policy Statement

Acciona Infrastructure Maintenance Inc (AIM) shall deliver the British Columbia Highway Maintenance Agreements (the Services) with highest regard to the Client’s requirements and conform to relevant quality standards, regulations, codes and specifications.

Everybody connected to the Services is expected to participate in achieving these quality commitments and to continually improve our quality management.

AIM’s quality management is based on having:

  1. Competent workforce with a “right-the first-time” attitude.
  2. Managers and supervisors who are relentless quality champions.
  3. Rigorous quality assurance and control processes.

AIM shall:

  1. Identify quality risks of the Services activities and build quality objectives.
  2. Assign responsibilities for quality management to applicable Services personnel and contractors.
  3. Apply effective quality plans and instructions.
  4. Embed quality into work planning and execution at all relevant levels.
  5. Use quality inspections and audits to verify acceptability of workmanship and materials.
  6. Take timely actions to address deficiencies and opportunities.

Management will provide the necessary leadership, organization and resources to implement this Policy through an effective Quality Health & Safety and Environmental Management System.

Managers, supervisors, staff and subcontractors are required to adhere to this Policy by completing their quality management responsibilities delegated to them.

This Policy shall be communicated to AIM employees and subcontractors. This Policy shall be reviewed annually.